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Wish list determining the main idea, task cards and assessment option erica trobridge. Mastering main idea using task cards simply skilled in. Students practice main idea using a web graphic organizer in a variety of ways. There are main idea task cards across multiple genres. Comprehension task cards finding the main idea teaching. Use these task cards to get kids practicing how to find the main idea and supporting details. They loved working with this flip flap book on main idea. Students are given supporting details and have to come up with the main idea. Main idea task cards freebie teaching main idea, 3rd grade. Students are given several related words and have to determine which word represents the main idea. Free informational text task cards teachers pay teachers. These 4 sets of 48 main idea and details task cards are great to use for reinforcing concepts taught, as well as challenging your early finishers. This is the key point in the paragraph, just as colors is the key word in the example on the chalkboard. This set comes with 30 task cards to use at a literacy center or for a 24.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The students read the text selection and underlined the main idea on the task card. Main idea task card bundle 3 addresses key ideas, main messages, and main ideas and details across fiction and informational texts. Main idea details south hackensack school district.

Reminder your learners that they are looking for the big idea that the text is about. These free task cards are designed to make differentiation and progress monitoring much easier. Students are given the main idea and have to come up with supporting details. Mastering main idea using task cards simply skilled teaching. A set of comprehension task cards to help students find the main idea when reading. This massive main idea task card bundle is a collection of 9 sets of main idea and details task cards. The first set should be used with students who are ready to generate their own main ideas and. Determining the main idea, task cards and assessment option. Give each student a prompt card page 3 then a task card pages 411. Main idea is asked in a variety of ways using graphic organizers, openended questi. Explain that very often the main idea is stated in the first sentence of a paragraph. So after we finished our main idea task card practice, i introduced our guided reading book for the week and wrote the main idea and supporting details using.

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